The real Crises of our Times!


We are in the middle of the crises of the human identity, whom we are, what is our purpose on this earth and in this world, how will we fulfill our destinies.

If we don’t start to cultivate the real and true values of an healthy and strong society, at the end of this crises, which we name of being a financial crises, I would say about three years from now, If we don’t find the answers of the questions highlighted above, a real crises will expect us, followed by a destruction in mass.

The path of our destinies that we are following now, is a wrong path, more and more people realize it, because, first of all, It is a path with no humanity in it and we have lost much of the positive Christian beliefs.

Nowadays, It isn’t like the communist or the fascist era, where there was an evil side and a good side, now the war is one against each other, although we declare that we are most civilized than ever.

The peak of our conflict, of our personal war with the world might end with a global destruction.   



One response to “The real Crises of our Times!

  1. I think i’ve seen this somewhere before…but it’s not bad at all

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